Three Development Trends Of Self-adhesive Label Printing Technology

September 30, 2021
Latest company news about Three Development Trends Of Self-adhesive Label Printing Technology

The self-adhesive label printing market has been basically mature after several years of development, and the market’s demand for shortcomings and personalized labels has shaken the dominance of traditional label printing technology and promoted the development of digital label printing. Compared with the traditional printing process, the cycle of digital label printing is shorter, the waste generated is less, and it can meet the needs of users for on-demand and variable data printing, and realize true personalized printing. Specifically, self-adhesive label printing technology mainly has the following three development trends:

1. Small batches. Today's market is changing, and product labels are also striving for novelty and change, so the number of prints is also becoming less and less.

2. Short cycle. In order to cope with fierce market competition, manufacturers of consumer goods, food, medicines and other products all hope to launch new products in the shortest possible time, so they also update their product trademarks more quickly. And the daily necessities manufacturers have to match the products with different labels according to the consumption characteristics of different regions.

3. Personalization. In today's era of advocating individualization and differentiation, companies not only require product labels to be beautiful and generous, but also to meet the printing requirements of personalized variable data.