Self-adhesive Printing Material Quality Inspection

October 8, 2021
Latest company news about Self-adhesive Printing Material Quality Inspection

Self-adhesive is widely used in the printing industry. Many product trademarks are printed with self-adhesive. Therefore, trademark printers will buy a large number of non-dry collagen materials. But the users of self-adhesive printing. Is it really clear? What is the quality of dry glue? This may not be true. Especially when printing high-end commodity labels, printers will definitely choose high-quality stickers as the substrate. Otherwise, the ideal printing effect will not be achieved. Therefore, in When purchasing non-dry collagen materials, we must learn how to identify the quality of non-dry collagen materials. Let's talk about the ways in which we can identify the quality of self-adhesive materials.


A. Appearance

When we buy self-adhesives, the first thing we see is the appearance of the self-adhesive. So from the appearance we can also check the quality of the self-adhesive. Usually, bad quality self-adhesive appearances exist or More or less problem. First of all, we can observe whether there are burrs on the edges of the stickers, whether they are smooth, whether they are damaged, etc. At the same time, when buying stickers, it is best to take out each roll of stickers and observe The method of spot check is not only to look at a dozen of the outer and inner volumes, but also to spot check the contents of a few volumes at any time. You can even take out a volume at will, and then pull out a few meters to see if there is a problem in the reel. This can be done. Prevent the self-adhesive supplier from being shoddy. Put a few rolls of inferior products on many surfaces. Second. Observe whether there are cracks on the surface of the self-adhesive. Inferior self-adhesives will have cracks at the cut when slitting This is mainly because of the poor quality of the self-adhesive material. Or the cutting edge is unfavorable, leaving the self-adhesive edge with cracks. So these small appearance problems cannot be ignored. These small problems of the self-adhesive will affect the quality and printing of the label effect.


A. Stickiness

All stickers have stickiness. But everyone knows that too strong stickiness is not good, and there is no stickiness. So we must pay attention to the stickiness of the stickers when buying stickers. Do not dry The wettability of the adhesive is determined by the solvent at the bottom. The higher the concentration of the solvent, the stronger the wettability of the adhesive. The thinner the solvent, the poorer the adhesive. So we are ordering the adhesive It is best to take out a roll of self-adhesive and tear it about 1 meter long, stick it on your arm, and then tear it off forcefully. If the self-adhesive surface has your own hairs, it will not feel special when torn Pain, it means that the adhesive is suitable. On the contrary, if it is very painful to tear off and leaves a lot of hairs, it means that the adhesion is too strong.If the hairs are not torn off, it means that the adhesion is not good.


B. Reel

The self-adhesive is wound into a roll with a reel. It is convenient for continuous printing. However, if the self-adhesive is in the manufacturing process, the roll paper surface is irregular and uneven. This is very unfavorable for the self-adhesive printing. In the printing process, or in the post-processing die-cutting, the alignment is required. If the self-drying film paper is not flat, it will be difficult to register accurately after the printing is pulled. Either the printing position is inaccurate or the die-cutting occurs. Misplacement. In short, the effect will make people very unsatisfied!