Working Principle Of Jacquard Machine

November 15, 2021
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On the jacquard machine, the pattern board is set on the flower tube, and a pattern board is turned over every weft weaving, and the flower tube is pressed against the horizontal needle once. When there are holes on the pattern plate, the head end of the horizontal needle extends into the hole of the pattern and the flower tube, so that the hook end of the straight needle is still hung on the knife. When the lifting knife rises, the straight needle rises, and is lifted by the first thread hook and the threaded heddle. At this time, the warp thread passing through the heddle eye also rises to form the upper layer of the shed. A heald hammer is hung in the lower heald loop of the heddle, and when the shed is closed, the weight of the heddle is used to return the heald. When there are no holes on the stencil, the horizontal needle retreats through the convex head and pushes the corresponding straight needle so that the hook end of the straight needle is separated from the lifting knife. Therefore, the heddle and warp connected with the straight needle are not lifted, and the warp will sink. Below, the lower layer of the shed is formed. Therefore, the movement of each warp thread is determined by the presence or absence of holes in the pattern plate, and the holes on the pattern plate are rolled according to the design requirements of the pattern and organization, so the movement of the warp thread also conforms to the pattern and organization.