What Is The Effect Of The Height Of The Rear Beam Of The Electronic Jacquard Machine?

November 24, 2021
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Do you know what aspects will be affected by the height of the rear beam? GOODFORE TEX MACHINERY CO.,LTD summarized some content for everyone, let's take a look.

1. Increasing the height of the back beam is conducive to beating-up, conducive to the formation of the fabric and improving the style of the fabric;

2. Increase the height of the back beam to increase the difference between the upper and lower layers of warp yarns. After the fabric is formed, it is conducive to the recovery of the warp yarns and can reduce reed marks or reed paths;

3. The upper warp yarn has low tension and is easy to loosen, resulting in poor shedding and increasing weft stop;

4. When the height of the back beam is low, it is conducive to the clarity of the weaving, but the warp breaks increase and the fabric style is not good;

5. When the rear beam is moved forward, it is conducive to the clear opening, but the warp yarn is under excessive tension when opening, and it is easy to break ends. Generally, the position of the rear beam should be determined by the number of heald frames.