Operating Regulations Of Jacquard Machine

September 15, 2021
Latest company news about Operating Regulations Of Jacquard Machine

1. When repairing, you must first press the left and right red stop buttons, indicating that the machine is in the process of repairing.

2. It is strictly forbidden to cross the barrier, go up and down the stairs slowly and carefully, and beware of slips.

3. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle the pattern board across the bridge and the horizontal bar, hang the gantry on the ground and roll off, injuring the equipment and the car operator.

4. Do not place the tools at will to prevent accidents caused by dropping hands during operation.

5. When the safety baffle is moved due to maintenance needs, it should be restored in time after the maintenance is completed.

6. After starting the machine after maintenance, you should perform slow running for more than 2 latitudes first, and confirm that it is normal before fast running. Confirm that the quality of the fabric is normal and the equipment is running normally before leaving the maintenance machine.