Main Features Of Air Jet Loom

August 20, 2021
Latest company news about Main Features Of Air Jet Loom

The air-jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses jet air to draw the weft through the shed. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium to draw the weft yarns with the compressed air jets to generate frictional traction, take the weft yarns through the shed, and achieve the purpose of weft insertion through the jet generated by the air jet.

This weft insertion method enables the loom to achieve high speed and high production. Among several shuttleless looms, the air-jet loom is the one with the highest speed. Due to the reasonable weft insertion method, the higher weft insertion rate, the simple and safe operation, the wide variety of adaptability, the low material consumption, and the high efficiency. , High speed, low noise, etc., has become one of the most promising new cloth machines. As the air-jet loom adopts the airflow weft method, the biggest disadvantage is the high energy consumption.

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