Jacquard Machine Development History

September 10, 2021
Latest company news about Jacquard Machine Development History

The jacquard technique originated from the original waist machine picking pattern, which has been used on diagonal looms and horizontal looms in the Han Dynasty. Usually a heald (foot pedal) is used to control a heald (a device for lifting the warp) to weave the pattern. In order to weave the pattern, the number of heald frames must be increased. Two heald frames can only weave a plain weave, 3- 4 heald frames can weave twill weave, and 5 or more heald frames can weave satin weave. Therefore, in order to weave complex flowers with larger flower-shaped loops, the warp yarns must be divided into more groups, and the multi-harness and multi-penetary flower machine is gradually formed. According to "Xijing Miscellaneous Records": There is a "machine with one hundred and twenty stitches" woven by the wife of the giant deer Chen Baoguang. It is very cumbersome to weave so many synthetic stitches. When the Three Kingdoms came to the Three Kingdoms, the horses had lost their work on the old ones. The "Change of Rinassi Ling" changed the sixty heddle into a twelve heddle, and adopted the method of bundled jacquard, which not only facilitates the operation but also improves the efficiency.

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