Jacquard Machine

August 5, 2021
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Working Principle
On the jacquard machine, the pattern plate is sleeved on the flower tube, each weft turns over a pattern plate, and the flower tube is pressed against the horizontal needle once. When there are holes on the pattern plate, the head end of the horizontal needle extends into the holes of the pattern plate and the flower tube, so that the hook end of the straight needle is still hung on the lifting knife. When the lifting knife rises, the straight needle rises, and the heald is lifted by the first thread hook and through wire. At this time, the warp thread penetrating into the heald eye is also lifted to form the upper layer of the shed. A heald hammer is hung in the lower heald ring of heald. When the shed is closed, it plays the role of returning heald by its weight. When there is no hole on the pattern plate, the horizontal needle retreats through the convex head to push the corresponding straight needle, so that the hook end of the straight needle is separated from the lifting knife. Therefore, the heald and warp connected with the straight needle are not lifted, and the warp will sink below to form the lower layer of the shed. Therefore, the movement of each warp is determined according to whether there are holes or not on the pattern plate, and the holes on the pattern plate are rolled according to the design requirements of pattern and organization. Therefore, the movement of warp also meets the requirements of pattern and organization.
Fold and Edit the Operating Procedures of This Section
1. During maintenance, the left and right red stop buttons must be pressed first, indicating that the machine is in the process of maintenance.
2. It is strictly forbidden to cross the barrier. Go up and down the stairs slowly and carefully. Be careful of sliding.
3. It is strictly prohibited to remove the cross bar of the corrugated plate crossing the bridge, hang it on the ground of the gantry arbitrarily and roll down, injuring the equipment and the car stopper.
4. The tools shall not be placed at will to prevent accidents caused by falling out of hand during operation.
5. When the safety baffle is moved due to maintenance needs, it shall be restored and returned in time after maintenance.
6. When the machine is started after maintenance, it shall be operated at a slow speed for more than 2 weft, and the fast train can be operated only after it is confirmed that the cloth quality is normal and the equipment operates normally.