The Effect Of Bristle Speed On Sliver And Yarn Properties

October 27, 2021
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During the carding process, the piercing operation is regarded as the main opening action of the lap to achieve good sliver quality. The bristle speed will affect the fiber performance, which directly affects the performance of the sliver and yarn. Therefore, in the research, the main research is the effect of bristle speed on sliver and yarn properties.

The piercing performs intensive opening and cleaning during the combing process. In the carding machine with only one licker roller, the perforation performance is that more than 50% of all fibers are transferred to the main cylinder in clusters, and slightly less than 50% are individual fibers. The piercing treatment is therefore very intensive, but unfortunately it is not very gentle.

The investigation revealed that the raw materials were processed by the carding machine at 3 different bristle speeds. The raw materials and all process parameters are the same. The characteristics of sliver and yarn produced at three different penetration speeds were studied. It has been found that the increase in the speed of the bristles leads to intensive opening and cleaning. In the sliver stage, fiber breakage and neps removal efficiency are also improved.